Elie Tahari Executive Forced to Work in New Jersey Wants $2 Million for Resulting Mental Anguish

Tom, presumably in happier days.

Thomas Horodecki, a 36-year-old Christian, is in the upper ranks of management at Elie Tahari. There he was, going about his Polish Christian way, when he says he noticed that his Israeli lady boss (Tahari's wife) seemed to be favoring fellow lady Israelis that ranked lower than him when promotions came around. But those weren't the least of Horodecki's troubles at work. It's not that his complaints about the alleged discrimination got him nowhere — it's that they got him to New Jersey, where he was sent to manage the in-store Tahari boutiques at the Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's in Hackensack, and the Neiman Marcus in Paramus.

Elie Tahari manager exiled to New Jersey demands $2M for 'anguish' [NYP]