Gilt Man Recruited Sean Avery to Do Fashion Stuff Again

Photo: Lou Capozzola/2010 Getty Images

If you've been thinking that something has been off in fashion lately, it could very well be the absence of the industry's straight male du jour, which was Sean Avery for a little while. Who has even come close to replacing the ex-Vogue intern? Not Kanye West. Not Justin Timberlake. Not any of the other fashion-inclined straights, who have failed to top Avery's epic moment in the Men's Vogue fashion closet (though Amar'e Stoudemire might like to). Avery will not withhold his wisdom from sartorially befuddled dudes anymore: Today his "Avery's Rules" feature on Gilt Man launches. Gilt explains that Avery's "focus these days is helping his pals in the world of finance look sharp." He'll curate three sales, like this one, for the site so that all men who pay attention will no longer feel so confused about when to wear V-necks and other scary things.

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