Hedi Slimane Calls Red-Carpet Dressing ‘an Ongoing Tragedy of Cheap Fashion on Cheap Celebrities, Followed by Ubercheap Comments’


Hedi Slimane on how he likes being a photographer instead of a designer: "It seems quite refreshing to be on this side of fashion, to have the distance and freedom. The fashion system has been busy keeping up with broadband and blogging/social networking. It is not always for the best, but it did give fashion a global audience. The unfortunate outcome might be the obsession and collusion between the celebrity culture and high fashion. It is just a big global mess of random endorsement. Nothing looks worse than a dress or a suit on a red carpet. It is an ongoing tragedy of cheap fashion on cheap celebrities, followed by ubercheap comments. I only like designers’ clothes on models. Good models have an inner understanding of the clothes and design." [Style.com]