Images of Dov Charney’s Accuser From Allegedly Consensual Sexy Photo Shoot Surface


Dov Charney's legal defense against the sexual harassment lawsuit brought against him by ex-employee Kimbra Lo includes sexy photos of Lo that supposedly indicate she was complicit in the activities she's saying were forced on her. The Post has obtained some of the 69 photos taken at the December 9 meeting at Charney's house, when, Lo said, Charney answered the door in a towel and forced her into sex acts. Lo "is seen in some shots splayed on the bed with her eyes closed and head tossed back," writes the Post, which published one image of her from this encounter grinning coyly while apparently topless. The Post also reports it has records of flirtatious e-mails and texts allegedly sent to the 42-year-old Charney by the 19-year-old Lo.

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