Marc Jacobs Employee Loses Composure on Company Twitter Feed


On Friday at around midnight the tweets you see here were posted to the Marc Jacobs Twitter feed @MarcJacobsIntl. Apparently company CEO Robert Duffy had an "unnamed intern," according to the Daily Mail, take over the feed while he searched for a dedicated Twitterer to hire. Among the complaints posted to the feed was that Duffy hadn't been satisfied with any of the 50 candidates presented to him for the position — and that spelling was a real burden.

These tweets were deleted at around 4 a.m., and whoever posted them probably got in a lot of trouble, but are they really so bad? They'll get plenty of people to look at the Marc Jacobs Twitter feed, which in fact may be one of the best among luxury fashion labels. They actually tweet about the company's ongoings in an amusing way, rather than having some PR person post about random news headlines or how they wish they hadn't spilled coffee on their new coral pencil skirt while getting their heel stuck in the sidewalk — "#mondays" — and that sort of thing. Besides, no one looks at Twitter at midnight on a Friday, except careless drunk people.