Rihanna Stopped Wanting to ‘Get Rid of the Curves’


Now is that very special time of year, just before bathing-suit season, when women are more harshly scrutinizing their bikini not-ready bodies, trying to cut back on the booze, and digging out their sports bras. And Vogue comes along with its annual "Shape" issue to be their best girlfriend, to help them realize that their perceived bodily imperfections are okay — and that Gisele still had a six-pack after she had her baby. Vogue is there for women, this nerve-racking time of year, to show them images of super-hot celebrities and models who will talk about how they came to accept their super-hot selves. Rihanna, the cover headline promises, talks about "how she really feels about her curves." Would you guess that she says she likes them?

Rihanna: Living Out Loud [Vogue]