Sessilee Lopez’s Mom Has Seen a Model Eat Cotton Balls to Feel Full

Sessilee Lopez. Photo: Katy Winn/2011 Katy Winn

Every now and then you hear of fads models use to keep their weight down. We have heard, for instance, that some eat cotton balls or tampons to feel full without the trouble of calories. Model Sessilee Lopez's mom, Janice Celeste, writes in her self-published book about how to guide a daughter through the industry that she's witnessed, horrifyingly, this fabled cotton ball consumption:

“I’ve seen some life-threatening measures models have gone through to lose weight. Luckily my daughter has never had a weight problem that kick-boxing couldn’t solve. I personally know of one model who dipped cotton balls in orange juice and consumed it to feel full. Later it came out that she had anorexia.”

Eating Cotton Balls Dipped in Orange Juice and Other Tidbits About the Modeling World from Sessilee Lopez’s Mom’s Book [Fashionista]