Sylvester Stallone Is Launching a Fashion Line Inspired by Rocky and Rambo

Photo: Splash News/?

Of all the celebrities to wake up one day and think, "Gosh, I should do a clothing line so more people can dress like me," Sylvester Stallone is one we can actually get behind. How could you not want to buy clothes from someone who makes observations like, "If [Rocky] wore white and pleated pants, it would have been a whole different thing," as he did in Men's Week? Women's Wear Daily reports that the actor has hired retail executive Michael Henry to help him launch a lifestyle line, titled Stallone, that reflects the styles of his two best-known characters, Rocky and Rambo. "Rocky at the end of the day is a love story,” said Henry, “while Rambo showcases the other side of masculinity, he’s a loner.” The line, set to launch in 2012, will thus feature looks for both “the rebel and the gentleman," including jeans, shirts, and underwear; it will eventually encompass grooming products and athletic shoes, among other items.

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