The Guy John Galliano Got in a Fight With at That Bar Doesn’t Think He’s an Anti-Semite, Just ‘Very Ill’


The fashion industry is on John Galliano's side, a team that seems to get bigger by the day. Its latest member is the guy who accused Galliano of slinging nasty racist insults at him and his girlfriend. Seems he's not that mad. "For me it was a simple bar dispute," Philipe Virgitti explains.

"We were having a beer when he sat beside us. He got aggressive, turned to my friend and said 'Your voice is annoying me, you're speaking too loudly'."

Asked if he had used anti-Semitic language, Virgitti answered, "Yes, although I'm not convinced now that he really meant them. I don't think he is racist or anti-Semitic. I just think he's very ill."

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