The Secret Life of New Barneys CEO Mark Lee


Fashion people have been wondering WHAT is going on at Barneys. And WHAT is up with the new team? New CEO Mark Lee has supported downsizing the Prada stock and has swapped out the top team for a new set of people, including Amanda Brooks, Dennis Freedman, and Charlotte Blechman. But they have been pretty elusive in the press. What do they do? Where do they go? What are they doing with Barneys? Well, Lee had a dinner party this week in his penthouse apartment for the new Barneys folks, select editors, and other elite people like Jason Wu, Mark Consuelos, and Amy Sacco (Internet writers weren't important enough to warrant invites, it seems). The purpose of the dinner was to toast the Holmes & Yang trunk show and have Katie Holmes over in her Lanvin dress, but really, it was like a coming out party for the new Barneys team!

We don't learn a staggering amount about the Barneys people, but from the WWD article about and photos from the soiree, it sounds like Lee has a great apartment, with some neat pictures on the wall; he also has a "back patio," implying there may be more than one of them. It's unclear how many guests were able to fit on it to watch the fireworks that naturally went off during the affair. Holmes's stylist Jeanne Yang thought that Lee arranged these for his guests, but WWD found out they were part of the Grucci family's early St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Katie Holmes in the Home [WWD]