The See-Through Charity Fashion Show Dress That Made Prince William Hot for Kate Middleton Sold for $125,853

Photo: Malcolm Clarke/Daily Mail/Rex

The dress Kate wore in the 2002 show at St. Andrews University was only expected to fetch $11,00 to $14,000 at auction today, but ended up selling for £78,000, or $125,853. The buyer is an unknown man with unknown plans but unrivaled royal-wedding enthusiasm. The dress, which was originally supposed to be a skirt, cost less than $50 to make. Now we don't feel so bad for the designer, 31-year-old Charlotte Todd, for not being invited to the royal wedding; not only does she have a nice fat sack of cash, but apparently she never met Kate. She tells People the dress was a class project "called 'The Art of Seduction,' which is quite apt, really. I didn't know who Kate Middleton was and I didn't put her in it. It was just pure chance!"

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