Video: Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley’s New Internet Fashion Series Premieres


discoamz: You have to watch this. It's the web video series Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley shot for Tyra's new website,

reesespieces: I am only four seconds in and already committed. I have always wanted to know how to go from blah to r-r-r-r-rah.

discoamz:If only you were there for the behind-the-scenes look. But what do you think of their advice about how to wear a trench coat (which includes, but is most definitely not limited to, wearing it belted, with nothing underneath, or with the sleeves cut off)?

reesespieces: Oh, it is wonderful, and before ALT's suggestion I would have never thought to wear a trench coat to the beach.

reesespieces: Now I won't have to worry about sunburn this summer.

reesespieces: Because I can wear my trench coat.

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