A Size Eight or Ten at Marc Jacobs is a Triple Zero at Chico’s

Photo: Courtesy of MyBestFit.com

Women immensely distressed by vanity sizing — how a size four in one store might be a size eight in another and make you feel so fat — may stumble upon a new machine in their local malls to mitigate this issue. Some are installing MyBestFit's full-body scanners that measure things like thigh circumference and function like full-body airport scanners, and then give you a printout of what your size would be at various stores in the mall. But is this going a little overboard? Are women really too lazy and emotionally fragile to try on a couple of pairs of pants to get the best fit? Well, according to the Times, vanity sizing has become quite extreme.

One Size Fits Nobody: Seeking a Steady 4 or a 10 [NYT]