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ANTM Recap: Guess What Tyra Stuffs Her Boots With

Fish lips!
America's Next Top Model
Lana Marks Season 16 • Episode 8

After weeks of editing Alexandria as public enemy No. 1, this week's ANTM showcased her nicer, happy side. She's on the road to redemption, if not necessarily the win. She started out the episode resolving all her drama with the girls — bar Molly — and continued to bring her "No.1" game throughout. She even had the phrase on a T-shirt, proof indeed.

Tyra preps the girls for their go-see, seizing the opportunity to talk about herself — specifically that she’d booked 25 shows in Paris off only three test shots. The challenge proved to be as pointlessly complicated but fun as ever: four appointments in four hours, while navigating L.A. traffic in between. Alexandria used her preexisting knowledge of the city to scoot around with ease and a new, sunny — and dare we say youthful — disposition. She booked the most go-sees, and won again after impressing handbag designer Lana Marks. (Lana’s dubious accent proved impossible to place, perhaps because it changed so often, and at times mid-sentence.) Sourpuss Molly, whose pissy breakdowns are continuing at regular intervals even without her crazy weave, grumped her way around, while two contestants flat-out failed at map reading: both the small-town girls, Brittani and Jaclyn.

Wearing “ecocouture,” the girls posed on ladders (or in Kasia’s case, sitting in a dump truck’s scoop) at a landfill. Desperate to redeem herself after last week’s meltdown, Brittani got down and dirty in the refuse to impress photographer Nigel, but it was poor Jay Manuel who got the worst of it when a seagull pooped on him. (But sixteen cycles of his Top Model wardrobe have well illustrated he has a near-endless selection of shiny military-style jackets to work with.)

Panel was particularly high-stakes, with only those surviving the elimination flying off to this cycle’s international destination: Morocco. In backstage footage, we saw ALT — who was introduced this week as the most influential person in the fashion industry — calling Tyra out on some dreckitude of her own, an outfit he said looked better suited for a horse-riding lesson. (By the time the girls arrived, she’d changed, into an outfit that included knee-high boots she admitted she stuffs with leg warmers to give her shapely calf muscles. No, really.) Alexandria continued her winning streak with a top call-out, and poor Jaclyn, who’d suffered from what ALT called a "gauche" arm in her photo, got the boot. The show will miss her sweet and clueless Southern charm for sure. Narrowly surviving her debut in the bottom two, Molly cried tears of relief, which was most likely a necessary show of emotion because the panel is pretty convinced she’s a frosty little madam. (But hey, really, why is that a bad thing!?) Watch ALT's best moments and more in our video roundup.

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