Cathy Horyn Thinks Fashion Reality-TV Shows ‘Underscore the Dearth of Originality in the Fashion World’

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/2009 Getty Images

Cathy Horyn is already bored by the growing number of forthcoming fashion-related reality shows, which include Brad Goreski's It's a Brad Brad World, Chris March's Mad Fashion, and Annabel Tolman's recently announced TV project. "Personally, I’m waiting for the scripted series about a closeted fashion executive and his talented business partner who has a secret cocaine habit and a long list of powerful clients, including two first ladies (it’s an international company, naturally). As they fly down to St. Bart’s, the executive is about to be exposed by a blogger who during New Year’s witnessed an unflattering moment on a Russian billionaire’s yacht. That’s just the first episode." Producers, please take note. [On the Runway/NYT]