Editors Cut the Size Labels Out of Clothing Celebrities Have to Wear on Shoots


Celebrities doing photo shoots for magazines are not unlikely to tell the editors pulling clothes for the shoot that they're a size or so smaller than they actually are. The celebrity might be afraid of her real size getting out in the press, or just be a slave to vanity sizing, which the Times published a probing report on over the weekend. This morning the Today show followed up on this not-new issue of vanity sizing since the Times story was the most e-mailed on its website yesterday. That story's writer, Stephanie Clifford, appeared with More magazine's Lesley Jane Seymour, who talked about how the problem of size disparities between clothing labels affects celebrity shoots. She said they have to cut the labels out of the clothes if they're not the size the celebrity has said they are. "When we go to shoots it's all about the ego," Seymour says. "If a celebrity says she's a size eight and we know she's not we cut the sizes out because we know she won't put it on if it says it's a ten." We wonder if this is why so many of them end up posing fully or partially nude.

Does size matter when it comes to women’s clothes? [Today]
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