Fashion Meets Finance Returns — Hopefully, in a Less Embarrassing Way for All Involved

The old FMF.

Fashion Meets Finance began four years ago as a mixer to bring together well-to-do men who work in finance with well-dressed — but could be better dressed — women who work in fashion. "In the New York dating scene, the men of finance are the lions, and the women of fashion are the trophies," FMF founder Jeremy Abelson told this very website almost two years ago. "We have to maintain the purity of the genetic lines." Well, the mixer has gone dark for the past year, and the new organizers pretty readily admit in an e-mail pitch soliciting press for the comeback party on Cinco de Mayo that's because its original incarnation was damn embarrassing:

We have not had a Fashion Meets Finance event in over a year because we have been working on re-vamping/ elevating the brand. In the past the events had a certain connotation that we are trying to get rid of... (rich men seeking trophy type girls/ models) We had a company called Pocket Change that we were working with that put a spin on things for shock value...(you can find several articles online in NY Mag)

(See those here.)

Fashion Meets Finance [Official Site]