Gaia Repossi Favors Flat Booties Over ‘Vulgar’ Wedges

Photo: KCSPresse / Splash News/?

Gaia Repossi takes the family business very seriously. At the age of 20, after studying art history at the Sorbonne, she became the artistic director of her family-owned jewelry house, originally founded in 1920. Six years later, she's become a front-row fixture at big shows like Céline and Givenchy, as well as those of young designers like Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra (she has teamed up with both on recent jewelry collections). Repossi's signature cuffs and intricately latticed rings are both tough and elegant. This month, she debuts a collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire, which will be available at a fraction of the price of her eponymous line. We caught up with the designer to talk about her lucky pendant, favorite vintage stores, and appreciation for ponchos.

What's something you never leave the house without?
My lucky Berberian nomad Arabic crystal pendant.