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Garance Doré Has Some Questionably Not-Nice Things to Say About Fashion People

Garance Doré took to her blog today to translate the often-baffling language of the fashion industry, where people are always discussing delicate topics like weight and plastic surgery without, well, actually talking about them. For example, per Doré:

This sweater? Oh, I borrowed it from my daughter. = And that’s how skinny I am.
Oh, I didn’t recognize you! = You did something?
She do something, you think? = Facelift?
Right now I’m on this fresh fruit juice cleanse and I’ve such incredible energy! = I’ve gotta drop five pounds before fashion week.

It's sometimes hard to tell exactly what Doré means in her entries (much of her blog is translated from French), but this could be interpreted as a jab at Lauren Santo Domingo's Twitter feed: "If I were an elegant lady in my early 80′s living, say, in Dallas, this would be the best blow-out ever = My name is Lauren Santo Domingo and I know exactly how to talk to my hairdresser. And I share it with my followers!" And there's a pretty blatant dig at the end of the post, although no one is explicitly named. "I’ve had the same haircut for 55 years now, and I don’t think I’ll be changing anytime soon. = I’m so important, I’m like my own brand. And I’m my own logo. No no no, shhhh. Relax. I’m not for sale: I work in fashion." Who could she possibly be referring to?

Talking Fashion #3 [GaranceDore]

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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