Gilt Groupe’s 75,000-Square-Foot Warehouse Holds ‘Acres of Racks and Racks of Clothing’


If you've ever looked at that Brooklyn Navy Yards return address on your Gilt Groupe delivery and wondered what exactly this magical playland of discounted designer clothing looks like, then here you are. The company's founders, Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilson, gave Power Women TV a tour of the 75,000-square-foot space where their merchandise is checked, sorted, packed, and shipped out to customers by their nimble little Gilt elves. It's a standard gray cement-floored warehouse, but it's crammed full of meticulously organized clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories arranged in neat rows. "It's honestly about the same amount of merchandise that you'd find in one of the biggest department stores in New York City," says Alexandra giddily.