Introducing ‘Ninkles,’ Not to Be Confused With Cankles

Not a ninkle in sight.

While refuting claims that she’s been picked to style Kate Middleton for her royal tour of Canada in June, British Vogue deputy editor Emily Sheffield explains what "ninkles" are, and how to avoid them. “Ninkles are not to be confused with cankles (that's fat ankles). Ninkles are wrinkles on our knees and they are the beginning of the end of the short skirt," she writes. Goodness! An affliction we didn't even have a name for, let alone a solution to, until now. "Thankfully there is a welcome return of the midi. I like them fitted with a bit of stretch in the fabric so you can actually walk," Sheffield advises. In related news, Kate Middleton does not suffer from this problem: "Luckily for Kate, I think she is a long way from a bad ninkle day, so that's one less thing she has to worry about."

Smart advice: no cleavage, stick to British [Telegraph UK]