Jon Caramanica Is Not Repulsed by LimoLand, Surprisingly


Jon Caramanica, the Times' solo Critical Shopper since Cintra Wilson's departure last week, reviewed Jean Pigozzi's garish store in the meatpacking district, LimoLand. And despite the store's target demographic being "R-O-M’s. Rich. Old. Men," Caramanica didn't actually hate it. In fact, compared to his feelings about the Converse store, this was practically a rave review. "Mr. Pigozzi willed this brand into existence, and is beginning to will it to respectability. He may even be able to will other people’s taste. After an hour or so in the store, the wide-legged swim trunks in that currency print, or covered in bright pastel LLs ($175), didn’t even raise an eyebrow," he writes. That being said, the clothes are still pretty silly: "These aren’t just optimistic clothes; they exist beyond the point where optimism and pessimism are relevant options. They exist in a place with no consequences, where the only person you have to please is yourself. To wear them, it helps to be rich enough to be willing to explode conventional ideas about fit, style and color palette. It helps to be rich enough that failure doesn’t matter." [NYT]