Kate Moss’s Fiancé, Jamie Hince, Offers His Two Cents on John Galliano

Jamie and Kate. Photo: Dave Hogan/2011 Getty Images

1. He calls reports that Kate is wearing a dress by him to their wedding as "unfounded entirely."
2. He must not be the kind of person who looks at news very regularly, because he says he hasn't seen the video of Galliano saying, "I love Hitler," which led to his dismissal from Christian Dior. "I don't even know John that well, but I feel like people have got to see reason here," he says. "John has a problem with alcohol, and the reality is that when we're in trouble, and that's all of us, we say the most violent, cursed things. You can judge them on the stupid words they said — which I think were stupid, I hope that goes without saying — or you can dig a bit deeper and you can try and find out what the problem is. And I think it's obvious that it's alcohol. People are trying to say those are his politics. 'I love Hitler' — that's not political, that's somebody in trouble." [Vogue UK]