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Look! Look at Beyoncé With Her Big Red Flag With a Big B on It!

Beyoncé would never debut a new album by hiding in an egg-shaped vessel or creating a CGI montage of spawn shooting out from between her legs. Okay, well maybe the latter can't be confirmed, but the point is she will never wear face prosthetics or try to do something silly like keep the focus on the music or make sure her backup dancers will shine just as brightly as she does. Her attractiveness never takes a backseat to anything or anyone, but most important, she never fails to top her own hotness and her signature ability to really make very little sense. While titillating stills from her music video shoot have steadily been leaking onto the Internet, it's still somewhat difficult to discern what, exactly, they all add up to. But the latest batch of stills of Beyoncé wearing a giant ornate gold headpiece sprouting a red tail that is so long it must be affixed to her butt is the most revealing so far.

With what appear to be fringed black shorts, Beyoncé saucily thrusts her giant gold waist belt this way and that while strong-arming a huge red flag with the letter B on it. Meanwhile, her dancers pose and frolic around her in genie pants with police hats, military jackets, and the requisite occasional garter. Beyoncé was previously shot in the Mojave Desert wearing what is thought to be Givenchy couture. Now with the big genie-pants reveal, there definitely seems to be some sort of desert-warrior theme emerging — desert-warrior-meets-marching-band flag girl. You know: HOT. The tracks from her new album have been described by a big record executive as "just amazing" and "groundbreaking" and on "another level." The song that goes with this video has been called a "stomping club banger" — as you could have guessed.

The one thing that may be most surprising about this video is that it took Beyoncé so long to get that flag.

All hail Queen Beyonce: Singer comes over all regal as she films comeback video [Daily Mail UK]


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