Michael Bastian Thinks More Dudes Should Get Pedicures

Man-feet in Michael Bastian's last Gant presentation. Photo: Fernanda Calfat/2010 Getty Images

The designer has done a capsule collection of flip-flops for Havaianas, but he thinks men should wear them only if their piggies look nice. Which means that some professional sloughing might be in order: "It's a tricky shoe and it's a bit of a lightning rod. People have very strong opinions about it. I feel like it's less to do with the flip-flop and more to do with people's emotional feelings about men showing their feet, but the main rule is if you're gonna wear a flip-flop, you've gotta keep your feet in good shape. Even if that means a full-on pedicure, you gotta do it. Wearing flip-flops is a privilege, not a right." [Papermag]