NBC’s Fashion-Designer Reality Show Will Force Actual Retailers to Buy Contestants’ Designs

You know, Elle Macpherson is so hot that's reason enough to watch any show. Photo: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic/Copyright 2010

NBC has done everything it can with its forthcoming version of Project Runway to distance it from the original Project Runway. Even though their show, Fashion Star, is being produced by the Magical Elves, the same company that originally produced Runway; is hosted by a model (Elle Macpherson), like Runway; and involves designers competing against each other for money and prizes, like Runway. From the Daily News:

The show will be "completely different from anything on American television," says Elle Macpherson, the model who will be the host and one of the mentors. "We're not looking for someone to create a couture dress for the Oscars. We want someone who can design lingerie, swimwear, denim — accessible things that regular people wear."

NBC's new 'Fashion Star' reality competition aims to clothe regular Americans: host Elle Macpherson [NYDN]