Patricia Field Would Like to Return to School for Math or Science, But Will Probably Make a Movie First

Photo: Jason Kempin/2011 Getty Images

At Good Housekeeping’s Shine On awards, which honors "remarkable women," we got to talking with Patricia Field about stuff she’d still like to achieve in life. Among those things, the stylist says, is going back to school to study physics and other sciences. “I realized I have a good mind for math, I approach physics through logic, like Einstein, but I’m not a trained scientist,” Field said. “I don’t know the formulas, but I understand the concepts thoroughly. And I realize that maybe I should have studied a little math, but I never thought I was good at it because I believed some bad math teacher when I was a kid.”

Field is currently taking on shorter-term projects, like advertisements and endorsement deals such as her recent partnership with Kotex. “I’m kind of taking a little breather from film and TV only because the costuming end of it just got very repetitious, number one, and it sucks up all your time, and when you want to do something like develop a movie or, you know, do things where you’re not getting income, you’re in sort of a developmental stage, you need time. So I had to find a way to keep the income coming in but open up some time for other things.”