Rochas’s Marco Zanini Thinks He Could Design for Dior

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When Cathy Horyn asked Zanini if he could helm Dior, he answered, "I think, yes," adding that his subtlety is something the label needs. "The way I work; if I told you, you’d be bored to tears. It’s not about me imposing my style on a brand. There are some people who impose their signature in a very overwhelming way and there are others who do it in a subtle way, like a little signature in a corner. Not speaking as a designer, I hope they’ll put someone at Dior who will not walk down path of a caricature, the over-the-top thing. It would be so refreshing to see a Dior that could look real. That’s what happened with Céline. Women fell in love with it. They saw something cool, elegant, smart. At Dior, let’s hope it’s not a predictable choice." [On the Runway/NYT]