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The Best Gossip About Kate Middleton and Prince William From the Abundant Royal-Wedding Books

On Friday, commoner Kate Middleton will wed Prince William, and there is no shortage of literature to commemorate the occasion. Following the engagement, publishers rushed out book after book documenting the love story of Kate and William. They largely paint Kate as an intelligent, athletic, and all-around lovely girl who had the remarkable patience to put up with dating a royal ... but what about the gossip? The couple are famously boring and normal, but we trawled through six different wedding books to find the best tidbits: Bullying ... threesomes ... embarrassing nicknames!

Apparently as a child Kate loved “dressing up in the sparkling dresses and mini-tiaras of a princess.” She later landed coveted roles in school plays: “In 1992, then just 10, she won the starring role as Eliza Doolittle in a production of My Fair Lady; she was also picked for the school’s production of The Nutcracker and performed in a musical called Rats. But despite her on-stage confidence, Kate’s friends at school described her as 'skinny and quite tall … she was rather awkward and more than a little self-conscious.'" —William & Kate: The Love Story by Robert Jobson

When Kate was about 14, her parents pulled her out of Down House prep school, where she was "singled out by the most notorious bullies," who "shoved and kicked [her] on the playing field and tripped [her] in the hallways." What's more: "Her books and school supplies mysteriously disappeared" and she "became the target of malicious gossip." At her next school, Marlborough, the boys rated every new girl on a scale of one to ten. Sadly, "no one had rated Kate above a 2." —William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Anderson

Naughty Prep-School Activities
While Kate "never lost her virginity at school," according to friend Jessica Hay, and "only had two or three snogs," she got her thrills another way: mooning. And she didn't even need to be drunk for it! "Every night we took turns to show our bare bums to the guys to see if they could guess who they were," Hay says. While Hay tired of it, Kate "got kind of addicted to it." This earned her the nickname Middlebum. —William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Anderson

At Marlborough, though Kate excelled at school and sports and didn't get drunk, she was also "goofy" and allegedly fixated on her breasts. "One schoolmate wrote in the leavers' yearbook for 2000: 'Catherine's perfect looks are renowned but her obsessions with her tits are not. She is often found squinting down her top screaming: 'They're growing.'" —Kate by Claudia Joseph

The summer before college, William was traveling in Patagonia, where he spent some time in a "tent city" doing volunteer work. "There were lots of little romances," someone around him at the time said, and "royal protection officers reportedly tried not to invade their charge's privacy whenever a female coworker — and, on one occasion, two — spent the night in his tent." —William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Anderson

Media Espionage
Such is the frenzied media attention that surrounds Kate Middleton that a TV network once hired lip readers to work out what Kate was saying, when cameras were too far away to pick up sound. Supposedly at Prince William’s passing-out parade at Sandhurst Military Academy, Kate declared, "‘I love the uniform, it’s so sexy.’” —William & Kate: The Love Story by Robert Jobson

Paparazzi Rage
In a scene from Rich Johnston's graphic novel chronicling Prince William's life (and, of course, his now fabled journey to the altar), the paparazzi intrusion gets too much for Wills during a sports match at Eton, and he hits an overzealous pap with the rugby ball. Unfortunately, it turns out the photographer is just a happy parent, the Bruneian ambassador at that.

Photo: Markosia Enterprises Ltd

—William Windsor: A Very Public Prince by Rich Johnston

Biographies are split on the nature of Kate Middleton's relationship with Issa, the British designer who made the dress she wore in her engagement photo. Christopher Anderson reports that Kate likes Issa because she gets their dresses for free, but Claudia Joseph maintains that "Kate has no official connection with the company." Danielle Issa says that "we have friends in common, and we're fortunate that the dresses suit her so well." Yet Kate bought her first Issa dress from the designer's studio, which isn't how average people tend to happen upon things. —Kate by Claudia Joseph

Kate's tend to be by J.Crew — a favorite label of Michelle Obama, whom Kate will inevitably be compared to — or Seven for All Mankind. Her preferred boot-cut style are thought of as her "safety jeans" since the cut flatters anyone, supposedly. —Kate Style Chic & Classy Look by Alisande Healy Orme

Kate gets hers done every five or six weeks at Richard Ward's Salon and Metrospa. Her cut and infusion blow dry — a procedure that uses "the heat of generated air to infuse the active ingredients deep into the hair shaft" to both condition and dry the hair — costs about $174. However, London tabloids like Heat have meanly speculated that she has extensions. —Kate Style Chic & Classy Look by Alisande Healy Orme

William and Kate are said to have enjoyed many nights at London nightclub Boujis, where the signature drink is a Crack Baby, made from vodka, passion-fruit juice, Chambord, and Champagne and served in a test tube. Accounts vary as to how much Kate would drink when she was out partying, but one biographer contends that she always kept herself together, never overindulged in Crack Babies, and always "touche[d] up her make-up in the lavatories before leaving the venue and facing the waiting paparazzi." Discipline! —Kate by Claudia Joseph

Spans British class boundaries like no other activity: On a holiday in Mustique, “[William and Kate] visited Basil’s Bar … and William joined two of his friends in a sterling performance of Elvis’s ‘Suspicious Minds.’” —William & Kate: The Love Story by Robert Jobson

After their brief separation in 2007, William indulged in some semi-wild partying, to the delight of Britain's tabloids. Robert Jobson reports that during one night of heavy drinking, William was “apparently oblivious or just careless of any adverse publicity he might receive.” With a group of seven friends, he drank the whole cocktail menu at London club Mahiki, as well as six magnums of Champagne, telling a friend, “I’m really happy. Everything is fine. I am going to enjoy myself.” And “he reportedly went on to yell ‘I’m free!’” —William & Kate: The Love Story by Robert Jobson

The Royal Gene Pool
“Shortly after his son [William] was born, Charles wrote to a friend: 'He really does look surprisingly appetizing and has sausage fingers just like mine.'" Good thing no one's going to care about that when Kate is next to him in her wedding dress. —Royal Romance, Modern Marriage: The Love Story of William and Kate by Mary Boone

The Ghost of Princess Diana

Photo: Markosia Enterprises Ltd

—William Windsor: A Very Public Prince by Rich Johnston

Photo: Indigo/Getty Images

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