This Is Probably the Closest You’ll Ever Get to Seeing the Very Expensive Jewelry Collection That Angelina Jolie Designed


As previously reported, Angelina Jolie has collaborated on a fah-bulous jewelry collection with former Asprey CEO Robert Procop, and it's currently on display at Juliens Gallery and Auction House in Beverly Hills until it gets sold for charity. Many of the designs are modeled after things that the Jolie-Pitts already own, including an emerald ring that Jolie made with Procop a few years back as a gift for Brad. However, you can't just pop by and gape at the grape-size diamonds before they get snapped up by unspeakably wealthy people you'll never meet, since the gallery is invitation-only. And even if you do happen to have a few hundred thousand dollars that you've been saving just for a moment like this one, well, chances are you're still out of luck, because the auction is invite-only too. So enjoy this video of Angelina's creations, because it's probably the most you'll ever see of them.

Sneak Peek: Angelina Jolie's New Jewelry Collection [E! Online]