Video: Baptiste Giabiconi Acts!


There's something truly bizarre about a bunch of overly fashioned-out people coming together, well, at all. But especially the way they did last night at the IAC Center to watch the premiere of the short films ads for Magnum ice cream bars, directed by Karl Lagerfeld. Each vignette stars Rachel Bilson and Baptiste Giabiconi in some sort of sexually tense situation. And in each vignette, Rachel is the one to do all the ice cream eating, as though Baptiste was incapable of doing that sexily enough. Anna Wintour even attended last night's premiere, in all her seriousness, to watch these videos at Karl's side, though we didn't see her grab an ice cream bar from the cooler on her way out. When you watch the video after the jump (if you thought there wasn't anything better than Baptiste singing and dancing you may be wrong — his acting is pretty special, too), imagine a room full of people like Anna and Olivier Theyskens going out of their way to gather to watch three of these on the big screen.

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