Video: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Super-Sculpted Deltoids Are Not a Product of ‘Fairy Dust’ or ‘Good Genes’


"I kill myself," Gwyneth told Rachael Ray on her talk show, where she appeared this morning to promote her cookbook. Sitting there in a slinky cream-colored tank top with her sculpted deltoids stealing the frame, and her triceps doing anything but jiggling, she was talking about the gym, of course. "I put in a minimum of an hour and a half five days a week," she says. "But I eat — like, I love food, and I can't cut food out, and so I know what it takes. There's no magic, there's no fairy dust — like, it's not good genes." Between promoting her cookbook, GOOPing, and pumping iron, she finds time to schmooze with hot fashion designers like Reed Krakoff, whom the Post reports she was spotted with recently, sparking rumors that her jiggle-free arms could appear in one of his campaigns. See more from Gwyneth on Rachael Ray in the video.