Video: The ‘Perfect’ Bodies From Vogue’s ‘Shape’ Issue


Vogue's "Shape" issue came out again this month, to remind you that, yes, women have shapes of all kinds, but the women in Vogue have shapes of largely one kind! In a behind-the-scenes video from the spread of models with "perfect" shapes — in which Gisele talks about her six-pack, Daria Werbowy discusses having to work out her kneecaps, and Joan Smalls talks about having to tone her butt — the models pontificate about their best features and imperfections. "Women are their hardest critics, and we need to learn how to accept ourselves, how we are," says Smalls. "Some of the models, you'd be surprised backstage, that their body isn't perfect either. It depends also on how you dress, how you present yourself, but don't be fooled by models being perfect specimens because we're far from that." The video is titled Vogue Diaries, "Perfect" Shapes, and it is most definitely the self-esteem booster you've been waiting for this bikini season.