Vivienne Westwood: ‘New York People Are a Bit Stuck Up and Self Important’

Photo: Frazer Harrison/2011 Getty Images

Vivienne Westwood chose to locate her only stateside boutique in L.A. rather than New York because, well, she likes that city better. "I don’t actually like New York," she told W magazine. "New York people are a bit stuck up and self important, and think that just the fact that they live in New York makes them better than anybody else. Sometimes there, you feel trapped by the concrete, and for me that means being trapped by the myth of Superman and American foreign policy and all these dreadful things that have done so much harm in the world. There’s just so much pressure there; it’s not nice." But New York does have one redeeming quality: "I love the Met," she concedes. "They’ve got such an amazing, wonderful collection of Impressionist and Chinese art. I have spent as long as three days in a row just looking at the Met’s Chinese art. I really love that." [W]