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Will Morning-Television Coverage Make You Sick of the Royal Wedding Before It Happens on Friday?

Diana's wedding. Remember! Get excited!

In less than five days will the iconic images of Diana marrying Prince Charles find a worthy replacement in Kate Middleton marrying Prince William? If Kate ignores her usual stylistic instincts and does something dramatic instead of plain, boring, reasonably priced, and safe, hopefully! Today's royal wedding news to sate you until we know is below.

• Always keeping things in perspective, Hadley Freeman on what she'll wear to watch the royal wedding: "Pyjamas, bed socks and a pair of toothpicks, holding up each of my eyelids. As you might have discerned, this is an outfit with a toothpick-prodded eye more on practicalities than aesthetics, and the practicality here is that certain editors are making certain writers watch the wedding even though these writers live in a different time zone and therefore will need to be awake and pretending to care about things like 'succession' and 'balding princes' at 4am. Not that I've ever been one to complain... Of course the royal family is a totally offensive concept and these royals in particular are especially uninspiring, but just treat it as a national holiday with a particularly nationalistic bent." [Guardian UK]

• The Today show has decamped to London! And one of our favorite royal-wedding commentators, Avril Graham from Harper's Bazaar, offered insights this morning as to who might be designing the dress. She doesn't think it will be Issa designer Daniella Helayel, who is supposedly going to the wedding, and expresses the fashion industry's fervent hope that the rumors about Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton designing it are true. She also offers some thoughts on Kate's style, generally — that she's done a fine job up until now, but will hopefully step it up once she's married and become a truly fashionable person and not just shop on the High Street.

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• The Washington Post again emphasizes why it is unlikely that Kate will wear McQueen: "A shift from High Street to McQueen is akin to trading in Ann Taylor for Prabal Gurung. The change would be a jarring break with the narrative and style the public has grown to know. Middleton may avoid the McQueen label because of the name itself. She is not yet a princess, and her popularity is, in part, due to her humble origins." [WP]

• In case you haven't noticed, the monogram on royal wedding memorabilia is "CW" (for Catherine and William) and not "WC," which would look like an abbreviation for "water closet," which is what many Europeans call the bathroom. [WP]

• Prince William spent Easter with Kate's family. For a royal such as himself, deigning to spend important religious holidays with other people's families is a very modern thing to do. [People]

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Photo: Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

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