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ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Has Another Photo for His Salon

The Thinker
America's Next Top Model
Vivienne Westwood / Jay Manuel Season 16 • Episode 12

Well well, a textbook Top Model finale indeed, with some heavy-handed editing that made this cycle's victor painfully obvious throughout the episode. And to think prior to this week it'd been hard to predict the outcome!

After meeting with IMG's Ivan Bart for a quick and inconsequential chat, Brittani and Molly filmed their stilted and silly Covergirl commercials, with three cameras shooting them from different angles simultaneously. They both appeared to do better with the photoshoot, which you'd hope to be the case by this point. (Although, with Top Model you can never be certain.)

Then there was another photoshoot, this time for their Vogue Italia spread, and Brittani pulled ahead again. Molly was cold, didn't like her sandwich for lunch (no, really), and so couldn't manage to hide her signature grumpiness (and even some yawns) between takes.

In the obligatory finale fashion show, the girls modeled designs from Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania line, and last cycle's winner Ann made a cameo. (She hasn't changed a bit, which is great in terms of her personality, less so on the runway.) Meanwhile, Tyra had gone and spoiled the most dramatic part already: Brittani's so-bad-it's-good-and-funny-but-still-bad tumble after slipping on an errant rose petal. She fell into a wall! A wall! And while it would seem logical she'd hurt her ankle bad, it's become hard to gauge the scale of Brittani's pain, physical or emotional, because over the course of the season she's cried at, well, pretty much everything.

Oh, and for the final judging panel, Tyra decided to mess with make over the girls one more time. Brittani got a cute little pixie cut, whereas Molly got stuck with a weird fringe-y bowl cut. Though André Leon Talley (all serious in a suit, with a tie!) called Molly's Covergirl shot "wonderful," and said that he wanted to frame it and put it in his salon, Brittani's feedback across the board was much more positive. And so yes, Brittani took the win, with; Molly started crying even before the final, inevitable reveal. She did manage some nice final words though: Instead of laying out grand plans for her future modeling career, she said simply that she's just going to go home for a nap and a sandwich (that she hopefully won't hate). Shoot for the stars indeed, Molly. Here's ALT's highlights from the episode:

So that's a wrap. Bring on the All-Stars.

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