Barnes & Noble and Borders Are Censoring Andrej Pejic’s Bare Chest


There he is, young, lithe, and exposing full -frontal moobage on the cover of the new Dossier Journal. Androgynous model's Andrej Pejic's come hither pout and pin curls have caused a bit too much blushing amongst the suits at our nation's bookstores. reports:

Turns out newsstands (OK, we’ll name them: Barnes & Noble and Borders) are covering the image for being too risque. Little do they know they’re censoring the image of a shirtless man. Katherine Krause, Dossier‘s Editor-In-Chief, says that both bookstores have been made aware of Pejic’s gender but will move forward with the censoring. What’s more, it’s Dossier‘s financial responsibility to pay for the black poly bags with which their distribution people must cover the magazines.

Dossier can't be that upset with this, even if they are an indie mag and have to shell out money for the plastic breast-censorship sleeves. The point of Andrej is that people think he's a woman, so this cover is a win.