Best Bet: Quercetin & Oak Concealer

Over the years, one’s makeup arsenal shifts away from glittery eye-shadows palettes and neon lipsticks to tried-and-true brands and replenishing skin products. Though there are a slew of anti-aging moisturizers, eye creams, and pore-refining potions crowding the shelves, natural beauty brand Korres’s new concealer pulls double duty, battling crow’s feet while concealing dark circles and redness. Quercetin (a plant-based chemical) and oak’s antioxidant properties smooth fine lines, while olive oil boosts skin’s elasticity; Korres already has an existing handful of day and night creams touting the ingredients. It's denser than a liquid concealer, but still blends easily without looking caked-on — an easy antidote to those backhanded "You look tired" comments at work.

Quercetin & Oak concealer, $22 at Korres, Sephora, or online.