Best Bet: Skagerak’s Hybrid-Grill


Even if your outdoor space consists of little more than a double-­occupancy terrace, there’s no need to compromise your barbecuing prowess with rickety pop-up legs or single-patty grilling surfaces. Danish brand Skagerak’s fire-pit-grill hybrid clocks in at under two feet wide but has the heft of a grill double its size (click ahead for a closer look). The base is forged from cast iron, the stainless-steel top rack pops off for easy cleaning, and the conical lower grate evenly distributes heat for a longer-lasting blaze so you can tuck into a lamb chop, digest for a while, then move onto the s’mores (fire bowl, $375, rack, $112, at Design Within Reach). Plus, a quick iced tea maker, improved picnic cutlery, and more in this week's issue. [NYM]