Carine Roitfeld Discusses Emmanuelle Alt, Galliano, Iggy Pop, and Vodka Shots

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/2011 Getty Images

Condé Nast France president Xavier Romatet "didn't like it" when Roitfeld put “nudity, transsexuals, men in suspenders” in French Vogue, she told the Financial Times' Carola Long in an unusually revealing interview. “Me, I like to push boundaries, I am irreverent, but he would prefer something softer, more mainstream.” The former editor ate herrings while she chatted (to Long's puzzlement, because "herrings just don’t seem all that chic"), and revealed her ritual of taking a vodka shot before going to parties so that she'll arrive in a good mood. (She didn't drink during the interview: "Me, I don't have vodka at lunch.")

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