Derek Lam’s Diffusion Line Will Launch Within Weeks; Rachel Bilson Would Do Anything Karl Lagerfeld Asks

Photo: Eugene Mim/

At last night's launch party for Derek Lam's five-piece capsule collection for eBay, the designer confirmed that his own forthcoming diffusion line will debut during the 2012 resort shows. "This," he said, gesturing to the eBay collection, "is kind of a segue into that." He continued, "I don’t want it to be just a watered-down version of what I do on my main collection. We’re still working out what the most compelling aspect of the collection will be, but it was just the right time to start thinking about a more accessible collection.” How accessible? "[The price point] is going to be confirmed when we present it,” Lam told us. “We’re still looking at prototypes and samples, talking to retailers, and trying to find great partners.” It'll also be available for purchase online.

Nearby, Rachel Bilson raved about Chanel's cruise show on the French Riviera, which she attended on Monday. What did she think of Karl Lagerfeld's awkwardly risqué film, Tale of the Fairy, which he screened after the show? "I thought it was really cool. It was done really well," she said. When asked if she would consider nudity or girl-on-girl make-outs for her next Lagerfeld production, she replied, "Anything Karl asks you to do, you do." Anything? "Well, that’s a little graphic, but…it’s Karl."