Jane Pratt Is Not Trying to Ride Tavi’s Coattails

Photo: xoJane.com

When Tavi leaked on her blog that Jane Pratt was launching an online magazine in the vein of Sassy with her, it came across as a 50-50 collaboration between the teenager and former Jane editor. It was later revealed that Tavi, who has to go to high school full-time (except when she has to fly to Paris to cover the couture shows), would be a contributor to the site, a ship Pratt herself was captaining. The site, xoJane.com, is out, and Pratt tells AdWeek she sees it "as the anti-iVillage," but was vague as to where Tavi would come in. With lots of personal essays on the site, which launched today, it's ripe for some Tavi musings.

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