Lady Gaga Needed Two Burly Men to Help Her Walk to Her Seat on The View


Once Lady Gaga was safely installed on the couch in her twelve-inch shoes, the co-hosts fawned over her outfit and hairdo, which resembled a second head attempting to sprout from above her right ear. "Mommy, was she really born this way?" asked Barbara Walters, turning to Lady Gaga's mom in the audience. (Mommy, who was buttoned up in a demure pumpkin-colored suit jacket, nodded gamely.) Joy Behar took it further: "The nails didn't hurt when she was coming out?" she asked, grasping Gaga's pointy red talons. Gaga came to her mother's rescue: "When I was coming out of the womb, she had to brace herself for the tips!" she said, wiggling her fingers.