Meet Andrew Richardson, Editor of an Anti-porn Nudie Magazine He Named for Himself [Updated]

Richardson with the cover of his new issue.

The first image of Andrew Richardson on this post is striking: Richardson, the editor of Richardson magazine, posed wearing a tuxedo, holding a spotted cat for Purple editor Olivier Zahm's camera. Richardson's expression is one of an unquenchable thirst for intimacy, while the cat's eyes seem to say, to no one in particular, "I will never forgive you for allowing this to be done to me." The photo has a feeling not all that dissimilar to the one of American Apparel CEO Dov Charney posing with a dog, which was submitted to the media at the height of the company's most recent threat of a bankruptcy filing. Richardson is the stylist-cum-founding-editor of a magazine he named affectionately after himself, the last issue of which was published eight years ago. But a new installment is out, with a cover shot by Steven Klein. "We like to call it a sex magazine," Richardson tells, refuting a porn categorization. "We recontextualize sex; we're analytical about it. Richardson isn't about coming. Which is the point of porn."

Update: The last issue of Richardson actually came out a year ago, not eight years, as implied in the story. Prior to that issue is when the magazine took a hiatus. Richardson himself also tells us over the phone, "I was joking when I said I wanted four Lear jets."