Party Lines Slideshow: Elettra Wiedemann, Anna Wintour, Christian Siriano, and More at the American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala


Last night's American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala had model/philanthropist Elettra Wiedemann reminiscing about her ballet days of yore. "Yeah, I did [take dance]. I think most girls did when they were little," she said. "I don't think I ever made it to the stage, though. I was a dream ballerina, not a real one." She and her fiance, James Marshall, are about to leave for Iceland on a house-swap to celebrate raising $80,000 for her charity, One Frickin Day, which the couple runs almost single-handedly. "We kind of need a break from it," she said, recalling the fourteen-hour work days she put in while organizing a recent auction. "We’re just going to put it to the side for a while, and then when we feel ready for it again, we’ll think of something else.”