Philip Treacy Can’t Talk About the Royal-Wedding Hats; Vera Wang Credits Yves Saint Laurent for Her Fashion Career

Photo: Photographer: Will Ragozzino

Vera Wang hosted a private screening of L'Amour Fou, the new documentary about Yves Saint Laurent and his lifelong partner, Pierre Berge, at her palatial Park Avenue apartment last night, where she recalled her history with the designer. "I moved to Paris when I didn’t make the figure-skating Olympic team in 1968. I skated one more year, and then I dropped out of college, Sarah Lawrence, and I moved to Paris with my French skating boyfriend," she explained. "There are only two things to do in Paris — well, three — but I won’t mention them all, and one of ’em ain’t figure skating. They’re fashion and food. I fell in love with fashion when I was living in Paris, and I decided when I came back to New York to work in fashion, and part of the reason was the explosion of Yves Saint Laurent in 1969." So what was Yves Saint Laurent like in person? "Shy. Shy, delicate, and special."

Also in attendance was Philip Treacy, who refused to say anything about the royal wedding. "I can't," he said. But he was quite firm in believing that Pippa had not outshone Kate. "You can’t upstage the bride," he stated. "The bride is always beautiful."