The Times Likens Gap’s Cargo Shorts to ‘a Dog’s Chew Toy’

Photo: Gap

In light of Patrick Robinson's recent dismissal from Gap, the Times' Jon Caramanica swung by the store's Rockefeller Center location. He was not pleased with what he found there: "Instead of dictating taste, Gap casts a wide net, hoping to catch the indiscriminate shopper: tourists leveraging a weak dollar; men ambivalent about the shopping process. A sale rack held dozens of a deep blue button-up shirt with floral blobs that even the style-immune hadn’t been persuaded to buy. Not every hustle works ... About half of the current men’s wear comes from summer collections and feels like an unfair measurement of Mr. Robinson’s impact. If you are the sort to wear unflatteringly wide-leg cargo shorts, you may not mind that Gap’s version looks like a dog’s chew toy." [NYT]