This Is an Award-Winning Beard, Naturally

This beard is a moose with a tree at the end. Look closely at the right side and you'll see it (it's sort of like a Magic Eye — takes a minute). Photo: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/2011 AFP

This year's World Beard and Moustache Championships were held in Trondheim, Norway over the weekend. Over 160 competitors, many of whom we can only assume need something to fill the time between their seasonal jobs as department store Santa Clauses, showed off fierce facial hair in 14 categories ranging from "freestyle sideburns" to "natural goatees." Though ringlets and curls are no doubt the championship's big take-away trend, the best-in-show honors went to Elmar Weisser's moose-y beard-scape. Hipsters, take note. [HuffPo]