To Discuss: Beyoncé’s Met Gala Semi-Reprise of the Infamous Black-and-Gold Fishtail Gown

Photo: Larry Busacca, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Beyoncé has hardly met a fishtail gown, pair of hot pants, sequin, contrast leaf print, or giant B-scrawled flag she didn't like. After having infamously worn House of Deréon to the Oscars in 2009, looking like a Bloomingdale's Select skirted body pillow, you might have thought she'd leave black-and-gold fishtail gowns in her past rather than squared away firmly in her future. But last night at the Met Gala she caused a scene in a black-and-gold fishtail Pucci number that was so tight down to her knees she could barely walk up the stairs (which is where husbands really come in handy, it seems, but see also: photo ops). Photographers booed and yelled after she posed too quickly for their liking and then tried to make it the rest of the way up the stairs, probably not to disgruntle the photographers but simply because if she had to fall she didn't want to fall in front of all of them. Was her dress's poor engineering a sign from the diva gods that she should never allow this color pattern and cut combination to be so visually and physically problematic on her again? All black: good! All gold: good! Fishtail cuts: generally good! Black-and-gold fishtails, however: The quota has been doubly filled.

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