Video: A Mom Who Gives Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox Injections Faces Morning Television


A mom must live in a strange world to think that giving her daughter Botox injections is a normal thing to talk about on Good Morning America. Kerry Campbell talks about doing this to her daughter Britney as though everyone does it — and in the bubble she lives in, everyone just might. Britney is an aspiring pageant queen, and Kerry got the idea to give her Botox after other pageant moms floated the idea as a solution to Britney's wrinkles dimples: "They were just telling me about the lines on her face and how, you know, a lot of the moms are giving their kids Botox and it's pretty much, like, the thing." Kerry is a part-time aesthetician who gives Britney the injections herself, and even has pictures of the little girl icing her face afterward. Kerry won't say where she gets the Botox, only that she has a "trusted source" who gives it to her, and that "he is behind the doctor scene and everything." The worst thing about this may be that it makes Britney's waxing jobs the lesser evil.